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* Conditions of use *

wner of this website is Association "Centar Lepih Stvari 9402" from Belgrade, Serbia. Any use of this website in whole and / or partial, without written permission of the Owner is contrary to this Condition of use shall be deemed fraudulent. Website owner has the right to prevent the use of any User without giving any reasons, without prior notification to the user. This document is a contract between the owner of the website and each individual user, which govern the rights and obligations regarding the use of the Website. Website is transmitted in sales between Members of the website and businesses as well as advertising and sale of goods and / or services of the businesses with which the Website Owner has concluded a business cooperation contract.

The right to use this web Site only have people who are older than 18 years. Website publishes information on goods and services offered for sale from third party and sells in the name and on behalf the seller and manufacturer. Disclosure of information about the goods/services on the Website does not constitute an offer of the Website and/or the owner of the Website for the conclusion of the purchase contract, but only an invitation to make an offer to his partners (sellers and manufacturer) under the published conditions. A proposal for concluding a contract makes user of the site in a way that makes a click button on the box titled "BUY". In the event that the Website accepts the User offer, User have contractual obligation to pay the purchase price stated on the website. Payment shall be made electronically through the Internet, banks or other financial institutions, in the manner and under the conditions provided on the Website.

The cost of delivery of goods or purchase of goods or services, borne by the User, unless otherwise stated. The user of the website agrees that Website may send offers to his email. Website has the right to amend the offer, as well as within the offer has special offers.

The owner of the website and/or the Website does not correspond to the conditions that are offered in the advertisement and/or commercial of the supplier or manufacturer if the supplier's or manufacturer's name noted on any part of the website. In the event that there is a link to the website, the website owner and/or the Website shall not be liable in the event that the Customer suffers any damage by using this link. The user of the website has the right to complaint and further clarification on that website will respond within 10 (ten) days of receiving the email.

The owner of the website has the exclusive copyright to the Website and the individual elements that make it such as text, visual and audio elements, visual identity, data, logo and databases. Unauthorized use of any part of the website or in whole, without the express prior permission in writing issued by the owner of the website as the exclusive holder of the copyright, shall be deemed to be an infringement of copyright owner of the website and is subject to the initiation of the complaint at the competent court in Belgrade Serbia. Website contains elements on which exclusive copyrights are business partners. Third parties shall have sole responsibility for the content on which copyright holders, regardless of what kind of content contained on the Site. Issues that are not regulated by the provisions of this document are to be applied the provisions of the Obligations of the Republic of Serbia. In case of dispute, the Commercial Court in Belgrade.

In Belgrade,

* Shipping *

All orders are generally shipped via normal Post (Serbian Post). However, international orders can be shipped with international courier (FedEx, DHL, UPS) too. Domestic orders are shipped with domestic courier such as Post Exspress, Bex, AKS. At our discretion, we DO NOT ship to P.O. Boxes. All goods will be sent to the address given by User of this web site / buyers / purchaser and other parties and persons who order any product/goods/services from web site or you in your order. Any charges for customs clearance must be borne by customer. You should note that customs policies vary widely from country to country. We advise each customer to contact their local customs office for further information if they are in any way unsure of local duties or liabilities. Center 9402 can only state that it will deliver goods to customer in an approximate period. We will always endeavor “the ready for delivery time” be within period written in product describes section, but however in some circumstances can vary (upcoming holidays, storms, etc). Owner of this site and/or Center 9402 has the exclusive right to change ready for delivery time for any products or services without prior notification to cutomer and the customer agrees with that. If your delivery address is outside of Serbia, you may be subject to import duties and taxes, which are levied once a shipment reaches your country. You can ship to a different address. Please indicate the address you wish the items to go to on the order form. If you are placing multiple orders or one order for multiple customers and shipping addresses, keep in mind that we will ship one order on one address. Multiple shipment up to 3 addresses are alowed only for payed order over 5000 Euro. All transport costs are born by customer and must be paid before shipment.

The customer fully accepts that we have no influence on the delivery time and do not bear any financial or moral responsibility for possible delay of delivery. The customer waives claims for refund of any part or in full of the amount paid. The customer waives the requirement to charge penalties for late delivery. The customer waives the request for the return of goods, refund, and we do not accept return of any merchandise refund. The customer accepts the goods and products "as is".

Factors like shipping method, courier, your location may impact on delivery time. Ready for delivery time may vary because of different processing time for different items. Some unavoidable reasons may impact too. The customer unconditionally accepts a delay of 10 days after the scheduled time for ready for delivery.  Buyer agrees that for that period will not claim any refund or suspension order. For shipping information of your package, you must visit website of chosen courier and follow the instructions in his website. Different items have different shipping costs. Check with courier. You must visit website of your chosen courier to see shipping rates, because shipping rate may vary of weight, volume and value of package.

* Customs & Import Tax *

It's always buyer's responsibilities to clear customs and pay the relevant custom duties. We don't add taxes or VAT. You pay us the price on the screen, without taxes. However, you have to pay taxes or duties on imported goods. Buyer must find out information before order. If you have to pay import taxes and/or additional duties and sales taxes, then you would have to pay that to the courier upon receipt of the package(s). The buyer is responsible for custom clearance.

* Returns & Exchanges & Refunds *

It is very important to us that your shopping experience is positive and satisfactory. If you are not satisfied with your purchase or if it arrives damaged, please write to us and we will try to fix the problem as fast as possible. The customer can exchange the product free of charge only if it has received the wrong product by our mistake and within 24 hours of receiving the product with prior written notice. After the expiry of that period, it’s considered that the customer has no objections to the product obtained and that he decided to keep him.

Customer can change the paid order for other order with same or higher value (if it is higher value of new order, customer must pay this differences in values) free of charge only in 12 hours after we receive the paid order. If customer want to exchange the item after receive the item, because of his/her personal reason, he/she can do only inside the product group/category, but customer is responsible for the shipping fees of the both items (item from customer to us and item from us to customer) and we have right to keep 50% of returning item value. To exchange the item or to change the paid order, customer must notify us in writing by email. The goods in question must be returned to us unopened within 7 days of cancellation notice and must be received to us unopened and sealed in their original packaging in a condition suitable for re-sale. We cannot exchange an opened item. Returned goods should carry original invoice. We do not accept any cancelation of paid order for any reason and we do not use money back guarantee for any reason. Please note that Customs can open and check the package.

After we dispatch the item to courier, you will receive from us via email tracking number. From time when courier receive item from us, this item is courier’s responsibility. If the delivery fails because the address the buyer provided is incorrect or incomplete and the item is shipped back to us, we will inform you and ask from your right address and send to you again on your charge or we will not send again and refund 50% of the product price. If the buyer needs the item, he/she must pay for the shipping fee, and we will reship it to the right address. If the delivery fails and the item is not returned to us, we cannot refund. If the item is held in detention at the customer's customs, the buyer is responsible for clearing the customs.

* Order Cancellation *

If customer’s payment of an order has not been made yet, customer may cancel it by clicking "Cancel order" in customer’s account. If order has not been paid in 7 days, it will be automatically cancelled. If the order is canceled within 12 hours of paid orders, we will refund the funds in the reduced amount of bank fees and transfer fees. If the order is canceled within 12-24 hours of paid orders, we will refund 50% of the funds in the reduced amount of bank fees and transfer fees. After 24 hours from paid order we do not refund, customer cannot cancel the order, customer cannot charge back. Shipped order cannot be cancelled.

The returns from our customers are acceptable within 7 days after you getting the package. When we confirm the arrival of the package customer returned, we would refund 50% of payment. First, customer must contact us and tell us the reason of returning. If we, at our discretion decide that the reason is by our error, we will refund payment in full amount without transport cost for delivering item to you and from you to us. The products must be unused, original package. Period for returning funds is 30 working days.

For refunds we need Order No., Item No., Clear photo of shipping label on the original package. Damage caused because of the fault of the third party or customer’s own fault cannot apply for refund. All returned items must be in brand-new condition, unused. The products made exclusively for customer (example customer’s logo on item) cannot be return/cancelled/refunded in any case. For a product that is made specially and specifically for the customer cannot be used in any case charge back option.

* Privacy policy *

We take the protection of personal data very seriously. We want you to know when we save which data and how we use it. Every time you visit our page, data from your visit will be saved and processed usage statistics are made available to us through our web host. These data are not personal related, so we cannot determine which users have called up what data. In the individual case we need personal information for particular offers and services. Your voluntary given information, e.g. data through e-mail, will be used solely for your purpose. Disclosure to third parties does not occur. You have the right of correction or deletion of your stored data.

In order to provide our visitors services, we use the Google Analytics service. Cookies are pieces of information that our website sends to your computer, while you are on the site. These work in combination with the content of the site itself to capture and store information. For example, they are used for storing and processing the session identifier of the site. You can set your computer in a way, that you are notified each time a cookie is being sent or turn them off as well. These settings can be made in your browser. If you disable cookies, you may not have access to some features that make the website more efficient and some of our services will not function properly. For more information read general information about Google Analytics and Data Protection. We takes no charge of external contents, which are provided by links and indicated as such.

We may share your personal information with third parties that provide services to us, such as website hosting, data analysis, payment processing, order fulfillment, information technology and related infrastructure provision, email delivery, credit card processing and other similar services. We may share your personal information with them so they can provide those services. We will share any personal information you provide on our Services in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. We may share your information in other limited circumstances, including Responding to requests from government or public authorities or otherwise cooperating with authorities pursuant to a legal matter, including authorities outside your country of residence; In litigation, investigations, and other legal matters where the data is pertinent. We collect information about your activities on our Services using technologies such as cookies, including third party cookies, JavaScript code, HTML 5 databases and server log files. This information is automatically generated and may be combined with personal information about you. An IP Address may be identified and logged automatically in our server log files whenever a user access the Services, along with the time of the visit and the page(s) that were visited. Collecting IP Addresses is standard practice and is done automatically by many websites, applications and other services. We use IP Addresses for purposes such as calculating usage levels of the Services, helping diagnose server problems, and administering the Services. We does not knowingly collect or post information from children under the age of 13 in compliance with laws protecting the privacy of children. We take reasonable precautions to safeguard the personal information transmitted between visitors and the Services and the personal information stored on our servers. Unfortunately, no method of transmitting or storing data can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. As a result, although we strive to protect your personal information, we cannot ensure the security of any information you transmit to us through, or in connection with, the Site.

* Disclaimer of Liability *

Please be noticed and advised that you must be sure what you want. We have several check points to avoid any possibility of product missing from your order. Items from your order will be pack without the possibility of any product missing. The Items from your order will be sent to you based on your order. If there were items missing from your order, we strongly advise you to check with your courier and your custom first. Please note that Customs can open and check the package. You must report to us by email those missing item within 24 hours of receiving your order, and we will take all measures to correct the problem. Any missing items reported after 24 hours will not be honored. Please check your entire order before filling a missing item claim, because only one missing items claim will be accepted per sales order and per customer. No exceptions. Website or his owner shall not be liable for damage to or destruction of goods during transport.

* Miscellaneous *

Your order, products cannot be replaced/substituted without your permission. There is no way to receive any substituted items. Our policy for orders is as follows. We set the image only for products which our partners have in stock at his warehouses. Twice a week and for some products more often, we checking all items with our partners. If product are sold out by our partner and not any more exist at partners warehouse, photo of that product will be remove from store or will be written “Sold out”. When you place an order, we immediately send message to our partner and we put product in “wait” mode. After we receive your paid order, we will send to you what you order. However, if, and we say if this products are sold out in time between your order and our message to our partner (really small chance for that), we will sent you an email with offer of another similar products with customer’s credits in our online store. If you do not want another or similar products, we will refund amount of your paid order, but without bank or other money transfer fees. To cover part of your bank fees, we will give you special discount for next order.

Some products with “fast selling” attribute, have note where we advise you to check item first before you pay this item. Products with attribute “handmade” or “made by hand” are mostly not 100% exact as in store photo, but over 90% of the product are the same as in photo. Color, model, dimension are the same. However, some details (colors position or sub items position) can be slightly moved a side.

All these rules and conditions are intended for new users and new customers in order to protect the business and the relationship of fraudulent orders, fraudulent payments, fraudulent refund, fraudulent charge backs and use of stolen credit cards. For existing and known customers who have already purchased from us and pay for goods and services may apply these rules and conditions as amended by agreement with them. Thank you for understanding.