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We warmly recommend to visit our online store Tillystoreline as part of Center of Beautiful Things 9402.

The Center of Beautiful Things 9402 is an independent, non-partisan and non-profit organizations in which all citizens, companies and entrepreneurs, regardless of gender / sexual / religious / political preference, employed and unemployed, students and businessmen, and the other from Serbia or from other states can voluntarily associate for the purpose of achieving individual, joint, economic and social goals and interests, which are complementary to the objectives of the Center.
The Center was established to achieve the objectives in the area which includes culture, education, healthy lifestyles, the fight against poverty, improving the social status of persons with disabilities and all citizens.
The main products are LogoCookie. Cookie with your logo as edible image on it, edible images for cookies, cakes and muffins. There are also E-Shop Serbia and E-Shop World where we offering various products from our partners, members and friends.
The mission of the Center:
- Represents and promotes the interests of its members
- Working to ensure the best possible conditions aimed at improving the living and working conditions of all citizens and members and their business.
The Vision of the Center:
- Sustainable and balanced socio-economic and social development
- A place for the management of changes in the function of all aspects and interests of members
- The achievement of a better quality of life and family
- Respect for individual freedom, initiative, opportunity and responsibility.

For more info read Terms and Conditions.

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